Mar 29, 2010

Kalbe Farma VS Darya-Varia

Two pharmacy companies PT Darya -Varia Laboratoria Tbk (DVLA) and PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (KLBF) reported strong 2009 performance last year. Both companies posted a rise on their net profit.
Kalbe Farma booked a 31.43% jump in net profit last year from Rp706.82 billion or Rp72 per share in 2008 to Rp929 billion or Rp97 per share.
Adding to that, operating profit rose 37.72% from Rp1.14 trillion in 2008 to Rp1.57 trillion last year. Operating margin frew from 14.47% to 17.27% in 2009. Kalbe booked sales of Rp9.09 trillion last year, 15.35% increase from the previous year of Rp7.88 trillion.
It was not as good as Kalbe Farma, Darya-Varia reported a 2.05% rise in net profit last year from Rp70.82 billion or Rp126 per share to Rp72.27 billion or Rp129 per share last year.
Operating profit rose 52.67% from Rp78.16 billion in 2008 to Rp119.93 billion last year, while sales grew 55.26% from Rp548.33 billion in 2008 to Rp851.31 billion last year.

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