May 26, 2010

Berau Coal Group seeks US$700 m loan

PT Bukit Mutiara has decided to revise down its bond issue from US$600 million to US$400 million.
In total, it is seeking US$700 million of debt, consisting bond and loan.
CEO of PT Recapital Advisors Rosan P. Roeslani, parent of PT Bukit Mutiara and PT Berau Coal Energy, said the group will use the financing to refinance debt and prop up business expansion.
"We will offload 18.2% stakes of Berau Coal Energy into the market, targeting US$300 million in cash," he said.
Bukit Mutiara will enter the bond market in June or July. The 7 year bond is arranged by Credit Suisse.
Rosan said Berau Coal will jack up production capacity to 30 million tons of coal in 2014.  

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