Jul 16, 2010

M. Hanif resigns from Danareksa

State-Owned Minister Mustafa Abubakar said the government has approved resignation of M. Hanif, Director of PT Danareksa (Persero), while Mustafa has also given an approval to extend the position of Danareksa Director Aloysius Kiik Ro.
"M. Hanif had sent resignation letter to the Ministry and we have approved the resignation by sending the letter to him yesterday," Mustafa said today during a press conference.
According to Mustafa, the extension period for Aloysius is estimated until to the next share holder meeting. "We haven't selected any candidates for new director. Position of Heru Adhiningrat and Stephanus Turangan is so far safe because they are new directors," he said. The Ministry also intends to evaluate performance of Danareksa.
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