Jul 9, 2010

RBC acquires Bank Maspion?

Some foreign strategic investors are rumored have their interest to acquire Surabaya-based PT Bank Maspion Tbk as business expansion in Indonesia.
"Bank Maspion's share holder is rumored to enter into shares sale and purchase agreement with The Royal Bank of Canada [RBC]," said a source quoted by Kontan today.   
According to the source, Bank Maspion, owned by Surabaya-based conglomerate Alim family, have agreed to sell 30% stakes to RBC worth US$80 billion.
In 2009, Bank Maspion total assets reached Rp2.32 trillion, a 17.17% rise from the previous year of Rp1.98 trillion. Bank Maspion operates 10 branches and 22 supporting branches office in Indonesia. 
PT Alim Investindo controls 77.81% stakes at Bank Maspion, PT Guna Investindo owns 7.78%, Angkasa Rachmawati holds 3.14%, Alim Markus owns 2.62%, Alim Mulia Satria owns 2.10%, Alim Satria holds 2.10%, Alim Prakarsa holds 2.10%, Gunardi holds 1.31%, and Alim Puspita owns 1.04%.
Bank Maspion President Director Herman Halim said there are many strategic investors shown their appetite to acquire Bank Maspion. "We haven't yet made any agreement to sell the stakes."

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned at the story above.

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