Jul 15, 2010

Saratoga's tower provider to go IPO

After eight new publicly listed companies offloaded shares through initial public offering (IPO), there are some coal mining producers, a non coal company, and an telecommunication infrastructure also plan to sell their shares to public investor.  
PT Berau Coal Energy, parent company of PT Berau Coal, arranged by  Credit Suisse and JPMorgan Securities, is underway to list shares in the stock market, while PT Harum Energy has decided to retreat the IPO.
Borneo Lumbung Energy, owned by Samin Tan, owner of PT Renaissance Capital, arranged by Morgan Stanley and CIMB Securities, also plans to IPO. PT Bumi Mineral Resources, wholly owned subsidiary of Indonesia's largest thermal coal player, underwritten by PT Danatama Makmur, plans to list stakes into Indonesia Stock Exchange. How about tower provider PT Tower Bersama's plan to enter the primary market? Who is Tower Bersama? To read the remaining stories, please login.

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