Aug 6, 2010

Astra Agro 7 months CPO output dips

PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk (AALI), Indonesia's crude palm oil producer, posted 568,315 production volume during the first 7 months this year. The company experienced 6.5% production decline compared to the same period last year amounting 607,826 ton. 
The drop was mainly spurred by 8.8% decline of fresh fruit bunches production (FFB) in the first half this year from last year's 2.4 million ton to 2.2 million ton. Last month, the company's FFB rose by 6% from 358,925 ton as per June to 381,197.  
The company's FFB production in total still dropped by 8.8% from 2.4 million ton to 2.2 million ton. 
Nearly 42.9% of the FFB's production was mainly derived from Sumatera, while Kalimantan contributed 36.1% and Sulawesi, 21%. 
From 2.4 million ton production of processed FFB, around 70.2% was generated from the core production of FFB while plasma production gave 19.9% allocation and the remaining 9,9% derived from third party production. 
During the first semester of 2010, Astra Agro's net income dropped by 17.3% to Rp636.45 billion compared to the same period last year, Rp769.85 billion. 
The company's net sales declined 0.6% from Rp3.54 trillion during the first semester to Rp3.52 trillion.

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