Sep 24, 2010

Stock recommendations today

All securities companies, as reported by today, said they will still anticipate selling pressure through the weekend trading. Yet, will there be any opportunities and what stock are worth a close watch? Here are the recommendations: 
Trimegah Securities:
The yesterday's trading saw continued selling pressure, thus dragging down the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) by 0.18% to 3,337.19. Today, the index is estimated to weaken again and move between 3,300-3,355 with the recommended shares like BISI and SGRO.
Panin Sekuritas:
Today, the selling pressure may slow down. Commodity and consumer goods stocks continue to lead the market transactions, possibly pushing the index to move in the range of 3,322-3,370.
Sinarmas Sekuritas:
Today the index may face some corrections after moving between 3,294-3,356. The recommended shares are BBRI, UNTR, and BBNI.
Erdikha Sekuritas:

JCI fell 6.15 points to 3,337.20 (-0.18%). The weakening global markets and the absence of activities at some Asian markets held back the index's movement which tended to move mixed. The negative performances of stocks of infrastructure and basic industrial sectors drove down the index. The index is potentially to move mixed today in the range of 3,300-3,380. The recommended stocks are BISI and BMRI.

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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