Sep 30, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Several local houses estimate that sell-off pressure remains the main factor should be carefully watched by investor.
Despite a conducive economy, following curbed inflation, second liners are still estimated to dominate Indonesia stock market today. Here are stock recommendations for today as reported by

Panin Sekuritas:
The selling pressure will continue today and Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) will potentially weaken. The recent increase in the index, which settled at 3.495 at closing yesterday, drove several shares into an overbought area. JCI is predicted to move within the range of 3,445-3,524.

eTrading Securities:
Domination of the second-liner in the market yesterday is expected to continue today. JCI is predicted to move within the range of 3,430-3,525, with shares to watch including JPFA, INDF, CPIN, and TURI.

Trimegah Securities:
The positive market sentiment became the catalyst for JCI but market players must be aware of the selling pressure. Today, the index potentially move between 3,474 and 3,515, with recommended shares: AKRA and SMCB.

Sinarmas Sekuritas:
Optimism on controlled inflation in September may become a catalyst for the index. Today, JCI is forecasted to settle in the range of 3,402-3,521. Shares to watch: BBRI, BBNI, and BBKP.

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