Oct 28, 2010

Indocement 9M net profit up 28%

Indonesia's second largest cement manufacturer PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk (INTP) today reports a 28% increase in net profit during the first 9 months in 2010 (9M 2010).
Indocement CFO Christian Kartawijaya said the company posted Rp2.38 trillion net profit in 9M 2010 from Rp1.86 trillion a year earlier.
EBITDA rose 24% from Rp2.96 trillion in 9M 2009 to Rp3.44 trillion in 9M 2010.
Indocement's operating profit rose 17% from Rp2.55 trillion in 9M 2009 to Rp2.97 trillion in 9M 2010.
As a result, operating margin increased from 34.3% to 36.7% in 9M 2010.
Gross profit also grew 16% from Rp3.53 trillion in 9M 2009 to Rp4.09 trillion in 9M 2010.
The company booked a 9% higher revenue from Rp7.42 trillion in 9M 2009 to Rp8.11 trillion in 9M 2010.
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