Oct 24, 2010

Rinaldi Firmansyah still leads Telkom

Final Assessing Team (TPA) is reportedly deciding to announce new members of Board of Directors and Commissioners of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom), a state-owned telecommunication company.
According to a person familiar with the matter Rinaldi Firmansyah was believed to remain at the position as President Director PT Telkom.
If the news are confirmed, it means that Rinaldi beat the Director of Network and Solution Telkom Ermadi Dahlan and Director of Enterprises and Wholesale Telkom Arief Yahya, who are reportedly named to hold the seat in the state-owned company.
”Rinaldi will reportedly remain as the President Director. Other candidates are Ermadi Dahlan and Arief Yahya,” the person said today.
In the meantime, Former Minister of Transportation Jusman Syafii Djamal reportedly will be appointed as the President Commissioner Telkom. Moreover, Rudi Antara and Joni Swandi Sjam will be Commissioners.
The current President Commissioner is Tanri Abeng while other commissioners are Bobby A.A Nazief, Mahmuddin Yasin, P. Sartono and Arif Arryman (deceased).
Rinaldi got the highest score in the assessment, but the employees prefer to choose Arief Yahya to hold the top position in Indonesia’s leading telecommunication company.
In terms with the reshuffle in Board of Directors of Telkom, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Mustafa Abubakar declined to comment. “I could not tell [when]. Hopefully it will be announced soon,” he said.
Mustafa had mentioned before that there will be a reshuffle of Board of Directors by the end of this month.
In terms with the plan of partnership with Bakrie Telecom to make a join venture running a CDMA-based telecommunication business, Mustafa said that the corporate action may continue before the forming of new management.
Once the partnership realized, Flexi and Esia will be managed under the same roof, within the new joint venture.
“The plan of Flexi-Esia can continue. It has no connection with the management, so it does not have to wait for the new management,” he affirmed.

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