Oct 1, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Yesterday’s JCI gained 5.87% and penetrate to a new psychological level at 3,501.29, which vulnerable for a correction due to a short-term profit taking.
However, it doesn’t mean that the opportunity to collect the selected shares is closed automatically. Here are today’s shares recommendation as quoted by Bisnis.com today.

Trimegah Securities:
 JCI today is estimates to be in the range of 3,475-3,514 with selected shares are KLBF and TINS. Yesterday, the JCI experienced a pressure during the session although it was closed positively at 3,501.29. Sale pressure toward superior shares that stands in overbought area were also has a role toward the pressure that occurred.

eTrading Securities:
JCI is predicted to moves at level 3,430-3.525 with shares that need to be noticed, i.e. TINS, ADRO, INCO, and INDF. In yesterday’s trading, TINS led the movement of JCI with 10% rose same as second layer shares such as ADES.
Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.  

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