Oct 22, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) today will move in limited space and tend to consolidate. A basket of shares that is worth a close watch includes KIJA, BISI LSIP, TINS, BTEK, MYRX, NIKL, and BBRI. Followings are the recommendations from the securities companies as reported by Bisnis.com today:

eTrading Securities:
Thursday's trading noted that JCI strengthened 9 points (0,25%) and arrived at 3,588 which is its short-term resistance. Foreign net buy was IDR209 billion at regular market with most-active sectors like plantation, coal mining, and banking. JCI is to move between 3,588–3,661, with recommended shares BTEK, MYRX, NIKL, BBNI, BMRI and BBRI.

Trimegah Securities:
After arriving at positive territory in yesterday\'s closing, JCI is potentially to move in high volatility.  As it tested the resistant level at 3,610, JCI yet failed to stay above 3,600 which for some time  has been its psychological level. The index may move between 3,562–3,605, with recommended shares LSIP and TINS.

Erdikha Sekuritas:
JCI was closed 9.06 points higher to 3,588.01 (0.25%). The stronger index was supported by the solid performances of mining and trade stocks. The index will tend to consolidate and potentially move mixed or in limited space. We predict it to swing around 3,560-3,620 with recommended shares like TINS, KIJA, and BISI.

Sinarmas Sekuritas:
Foreign new buy had somehow sustained index to stay within green zone. In yesterday\'s trading, the foreign investors posted a net buy of IDR209 billion. Today the index will weaken to some points due to esimated profit taking. The index will move between 3,546–3,603. Please monitor BBNI, TINS, and BMRI.

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