Oct 25, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) today will once more test the psychological level at 3,600. However, some regional factors are predicted to be a catalyst for the index. Some of the recommended shares are: BMRI, PTBA, BUMI, ANTM, BBCA, ADRO, HRUM, BDMN, and HEXA.
Here are recommendations from several securities companies as reported by Bisnis.com today:

Sinarmas Sekuritas:The result from G20 meeting last week in South Korea on Friday and Saturday becomes a catalyst for global index and JCI today. The stance of G20 countries to avoid discussion on currency may influence world’s major indices. JCI is expected to move within the range of 3,565–3,628. Recommended shares: BMRI, PTBA, and BUMI.

Trimegah Securities:JCI successfully extended the gains despite several pressures before the closing last week. As JCI failed to stay above the psychological level of 3,600, the level will be the key to its further move.
If it can pass the level and stay, there will be a chance to record the new high, at least for a short term. Today, JCI will move within 3,573-3,616, with recommended shares: ANTM, BBCA, and HEXA.

eTrading Securities:JCI last week strengthened 9 points (0.27%) to close at below 3,600. Foreign investors made a net sell at IDR8 billion in regular market on Friday.
The drivers of the index were mining sector and second liners. JCI today will move within 3,533-3,641 and several shares to watch include ADRO, HRUM, ANTM, and BDMN. 

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