Oct 26, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) potentially books its new highest record amidst the global encouraging sentiments such as the positive indication from G-20 meeting, latest US’s economic data, the commodity prices jump and the Q3 earning reports of most best performing companies.

However, it is highly suggested for investors to anticipate the profit taking. So, what’s in the shopping lists today? Bisnis reports several recommendations:

Trimegah Securities: The improved buying interest over some blue chip shares may become certain catalyst to JCI’s gain. The fact that JCI was strongly stood at 3,600 as its psychological level produces an opportunity for further gain. Today, JCI shall move between 3,625 and 3,678 with recommended stocks, INCO and INDY.

Panin Sekuritas: JCI booked its new records following the rise of commodity prices and the vigorous Asian market.
Apart from that, it seems that investors will begin to anticipate the earnings report of K3-10.
Today, JCI may post another gain as banking, mining and cement companies may become the leading contributors to the gain. The range of supporting and resistant level is between 3,622 and 3,685.

e-Trading Securities: Yesterday, JCI was closed 45 points or 1.27% higher at 3,643 or below the JCI’s all time high range. Foreign investors still conducted 137 billion net buy in the regular market.

During Monday’s trading, the leading drivers were INDY, ASII and ANTM. Today, JCI shall move between 3,533 and 3,645 as commodity stocks such as plantation and mining may become your main priorities. The recommended stocks are ANTM, HRUM, ICBP, and UNSP.
Sinarmas Sekuritas: It seems that the global index such as the existing US’s home sales figure in September will become the main catalyst to JCI’s gain today.

The market expectation over such figure is somehow better than August. The index shall move within the range if 3,589 and 3,668 with recommended stocks: TINS, INCO, and INDF.

Erdikha Sekuritas: Finally, JCI was closed at its highest level by touching 3,643.49 (1.3% higher). The gain of agricultural stocks following the rise of global CPO price as well as the jump of banking stocks positively encouraged the gain.

Today, JCI may continue its limited gain as it will swing between 3,580 and 3,675. The recommended stocks are BBCA, BBTN and MEDC. 

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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