Nov 4, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Market players took profit on the lack of positive sentiment, causing the stock index to close down 19.8 points to a level of 3.605,67 in the trading yesterday. Today, the index is predicted to move volatile and tend to decline. BBNI, HRUM, and ADRO are stocks that can be considered for today’s trading.
Here are the full insights from several securities as reported by today:

Panin Securities:
In yesterday’s trading, the index dropped significantly and settled at the support level of 3,600, following a sell-off of blue-chip shares which was triggered by the decline of Telekomunikasi Indonesia (TLKM-coded stock). The market took advantages of the positive sentiment to do profit taking. In 3 days in a row, foreign investors recorded a net sell. Today, the index is predicted to fluctuate with a tendency to drop around the range of 3,572-3,623.

eTrading Securities:
The index was closed down 19.8 points or 0.55% to a level of 3,605.67 in yesterday’s trading. Foreign investors booked a net sell of IDR203 billion at the regular market. Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) today is predicted to move within the range 3,587-3,645. The securities company recommended to watch closely HRUM, BBNI, ADRO, and ELTY.

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