Nov 16, 2010

Stock recommendations today

After showing the weakening part in yesterday's trading, Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) is poised to rebound today. How will the opportunity be unveiled today? Followings are the reviews of some securities companies, as reported by today:
Sinarmas Sekuritas:
JCI as seen in candle chart has formed three black candles after having corrections in the last three days. Borrowing the pattern, we will welcome an opportunity for some rebound. The index may move within the range of 3,619-3,700. Please monitor shares like: ADHI, WIKA, BBNI.

Panin Sekuritas:
The index plunged at the closing session yesterday. After a free falling, a net buy helped it up to some points. The weakening stories at regional markets pushed the index down. Today we will still see such volatility at the market. Yet, selective buying will sustain the index to some extent. The index will move around the support-resistant levels at 3,627-3,679.

e-Trading Securities:
JCI was down 0.25% to close at 3,656. The index rebounded once it touched the support level at 3,635 and formed spinning top pattern around the support area, indicating a potential for reversal. To confirm the reversal, JCI was closed above 3,673. Seeing from the RSI and stochastic inidcators, stocks stepped out of the overbought area and JCI approached the 50% line. The foreign net sell reached IDR200 billion at regular market. JCI today will be moving around 3,635–3,700 with recommedded stocks such as BUMI,BRAU, ANTM and UNTR.

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