Nov 23, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) still has opportunity to extend its rally today even though profit taking will still give pressures to  the index.
Followings are a list of recommendations as reported by today:

Panin Sekuritas:
Today the index may fluctuate in the range of 3,725-3,772 with profit taking possibly giving some pressures. In addition, shares of cement companies, banking and infrastructure sectors can be put into the basket  today. Yesterday, the index also fluctuated and stayed at a negative area before pushing up itself by 0.43% or 16 points to 3,741.23 in the closing session.

Reliance Securities:
The index is estimated to continue its uptrend movement and test the resistance level at 3,762. Then, if this level is overcome, it may go up to 3,777. The support line will be in a range of 3,741 and 3,720. Today’s selected shares are UNTR, BBCA, UNVR, and AALI.

eTrading Securities:
The market tends to be on bullish track and there is no indication for being overbought. Until yesterday, the foreign investors still recorded IDR403 billion net buy at the regular market. Meanwhile, shares of CPIN, KRAS, SMGR, and MAPI are worth a close watch.

Trimegah Securities:
The index still has room to gain some points. Today, JCI is projected to run in the range of 3,718-3,753 with selected shares are INTP, MYOR, and TLKM. Yesterday, the strengthening index was boosted by positive sentiment globally in response to the approved bailout for Ireland.

Sinarmas Sekuritas:
Theres is a room to further strengthen and move in the range of 3,719-3,762. Sectors the be leading movers are mining stocks, plantation, infrastructure and cement companies with recommended shares like INTP, TINS, ANTM, and LSIP.

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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