Dec 29, 2010

Bayan targets 12 million tons coal sales

PT Bayan Resouces Tbk (BYAN) is targeting coal sales for 2010 of about 12 million tons and nearly US$1 billion revenue. In a public announcement submitted by Kangaroo Resources Ltd to Australia Stock Exchange today, Bayan Resources is also targeting US$150 million EBITDA.
Bayan Resources, in a presentation material, calculates that production volume in 2010 is calculated to increase from 11.4 million metric tons in 2009 to 13.8 million metric tons-Rp15.1 million metric tons. Demand coming from India, Taiwan, and Malaysia are calculated to increase.
The company's average cash cost in 2010 is around US$55-US$60 per metric ton. Gunung Bayan Pratamavoal Block 1's production is set to increase to 0.4 million metric tons-0.5 million metric tons.
Gunungbayan Pratamacoal Block II seems to decrease from 4 million metric tons to 3.5 million metric tons. PT Teguh Sinarabadi's production will be stagnant at 1 million metric tons-1.1 million metric tons. 
PT Firman Ketau Perkasa is also stagnant at 0.3 million metric tons-0.4 million metric tons. PT Perkasa Inakakerta's production forecast this year will be 2.8 million metric tons-3 million metric tons from last year's position of 2 million metric tons.
PT Fajar Sakti Prima is set to boost production to 1.3 million metric tons-1.6 million metric tons  in 2010 and PT Wahana Baratama Mining will elevate production to 4.5 million metric tons-5 million metric tons in 2010 from 2.9 million metric tons in 2009. 

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