Dec 2, 2010

Stock recommendations today

The Indonesian shares will potentially fluctuate and has tendency to strengthen today on global and regional issues. Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) was closed up 2.49% or 87.88 points to 3,619.04. Please monitor shares like TINS, INDF, ITMG, and BMRI.
Read following recommendations as reported by today:

e-Trading Securities:
The index will swing between 3,582-3,650 today and rthe recommended shares are TINS, INDF, ASII, dan AALI. Although moving in bearish area, the index has opportunity to strengthen. Yesterday, JCI went 2.49% (87.88 points) higher to 3,619.04.

Panin Sekuritas:
JCI is potentially mixed in the range of 3,580-3,643 today. Although the index rebounded, investors will concern on the effect of European debt crisis and Korea tension. The rebound in the index followed the stronger Asian stocks.

Reliance Securities:
Today the index is seen to extend gain and move in the range of 3,609-3,634. The recommended shares are BBTN, ITMG, TINS, and SMCB.

Trimegah Securities:
JCI will move between 3,600-3,648 today with recommended shares like BMRI and INDF. The index has all potentials to rally on improved risk appetite. The trading yesterday led the index to enter positive territory after being hit in the previous days.

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