Dec 13, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Global and regional market outlooks will affect the moves of the local stocks today. The index is predicted to fluctuate and the market players are suggested to anticipate further correction after the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) plunged 1.01% to 3,747.71.
In the list of favorite stocks for today's trading, the recommendations show mixed sectors, like BBNI, ASII, and ICBP. Read the full reviews below as reported by today:

Sinarmas Sekuritas: 
It sees a potential for the Indonesian stocks today to move mixed in the range of 3,722-3,778. It recommends shares like INTP, ASII, ICBP, and PTBA. Last Friday, the index lost 38.38 points or 1.01% to 3,747.71.

Trimegah Securities: 
The brokerage predicts the index may move in the range of 3,711-3,754 today with recommended shares like BBNI and KLBF. It suggests the investors to anticipate further correction in the Indonesian stocks. The rising concern on Chinese rate hike to contain the inflation had derailed the regional indeces in the end of last week.

E-Trading Securities: 
It estimates JCI to move between 3,700-3,779 today, with recommended shares like BBNI and ICBP.

Woori Korindo Securities Indonesia: 
It predicts that the index's movement early this week will depend on global and regional markets. The index is predicted to move between 3,722-3,778, with recommended stocks like ICBP, MPPA, and NCN. The securities company still sees a room for the index to rebound in the medium to long term.

Panin Sekuritas: 
Panin Sekuritas believes the selling pressures on the bluechip shares to continue today. Recommendations lead to second liners while JCI is predicted to move 3,725-3,776.
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