Dec 20, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Indonesia share is estimated to move in positive territory in today’s trading, continuing last week’s slight gain. The most anticipated stocks are PGAS, ANTM, ASII and AALI. Following the comprehensive recommendation as reported by today:
Reliance Securities:
 In today’s trading, Jakarta Composite Index shall approach the psychological level of 3,600 and swing within the range of 3,571 and 3,595. The recommended stocks are AALI, ASII, PGAS, and BMRI.
Last week, the index was closed 0,28% higher to 3,581.56. Such gain was mainly propelled by the increased stock price in the property and financial sector although the foreign investors still booked net sell record of IDR411 billion.

Bhakti Securities:
JCI is estimated to stand between 3,550 and 3,650. Today’s potential gain is particularly prompted by the price rising of some commodities such as coal, tin and nickel.
The most anticipated stocks are ITMG, PTBA, SMGR, INTP, ANTM, PGAS, INCO, ASII, AALI and LSIP.
The plan to conduct dividend sharing in some companies also somewhat grant positive sentiments to the index’s movement. Nevertheless, it should bear in mind that the regional index still gives negative sentiment. 

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.  

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