Dec 21, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Indonesian shares are estimated to fluctuate today. Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) potentially rise after being closed 0,36% (12.75 points) lower yesterday to 3,568.81. However, JCI may still continue yesterday’s drop, thus the investors may conduct short term buy. The recommended stocks are ASII, KLBF, and AALI as reported by today:

Reliance Securities:
JCI may rise today and fluctuate within the range of 3,558-3,580. Yesterday, the index was closed 0,36% or 12.7 points lower to 3,568.8 The construction, property and financial stocks drove yesterday’s negative movement.

Trimegah Securities:
Today, the index may swing between 3,531 and 3,594 with some recommended stocks such as AALI and JSMR. There is still a room for an increasing buying interest that may propel JCI’s gain.

Yesterday, the negative movement of the regional index somewhat gave particular pressure to JCI’s movement. The foreign investors happening to record IDR127 billion net selling also contributed such drop.

e-Trading Securities:
JCI is estimated to stand between 3,529 and 3,627 in today’s trading. The recommended stocks are ASII, KLBF, BNBR and CPIN. However, it still moves in bearish area, thus the investors may still conduct short term buying.

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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