Dec 29, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Holiday season in the end of the year has influenced the trading volume in the stock market to go flat or below the average daily transaction in this year. Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) is predicted to move within the range of 3,630-3,700, today. 
Some of securities companies today recommended a closely watch on several stocks including AALI, ISAT, and BBRI as reported by today.
e-Trading Securities:
In trading today, e-Trading predicted the index to move within the range of 3,630-3,690. BUMI, ICBP, INDF, and BBRI are several shares that deserve a closely watch.
Meanwhile, in yesterday’s trading, the index was closed to rise 0.96% or 34.73 points to 3,659.99. Yesterday, the trading volume remained below the average daily transaction volume this year, although it was still higher than the previous day.
The securities company said the increase of the index yesterday was allegedly occurred as an impact of window dressing in some stocks. Foreign investors recorded a net buying of IDR110 billion. 

Trimegah Securities:
For today's trading, Trimegah predicted the index to move within the range of 3,631-3,680. The securities recommended to buy on AALI, ISAT, and MYOR. Meanwhile, the increase in commodity price became a trigger to the gain in the index yesterday amid the loss in most of regional exchanges. 
Trimegah said the yesterday’s increase will open up opportunities for the index to touch a new resistance level at around 3,680. However, in the end of this year, selling pressure from market participants who started to realize the benefits must be aware.

Erdikha Sekuritas:
The brokerage technically predicted today that the index is still trying to continue its further increase and moving within a limited range of 3,610-3,700.
Erdikha also recommended to have a closely watch on INDF, KLBF, and BDMN in today’s trading. Yesterday, the increase of almost all sectors bolstered by of stock of basic industries and the agriculture shares that brought the index to nearly touch the level of 3,700.

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