Dec 30, 2010

Stock recommendations today

Indonesian stocks benchmark is predicted to reach 3,700 psychological level at the end of this year. Yet, the minimum transaction volume will make the strengthening of the index tends to be limited. Shares that may be considered for today's trading are JMSR, ANTM, BBNI and KRAS. Here is the recommendation as reported by today:

e-Trading Securities:
As today is the last trading day in 2010, JCI is predicted to gain amid to the ongoing window dressing. It might move between 3,660–3,750 with JSMR, KRAS and BMRI as the recommendation.
At yesterday trading, the index closed rose 39 points or 1,07% to 3,699.21 with smaller intraday transaction volume than the previous day.

Reliance Securities:
For today’s opening index is estimated to move within 3,689 – 3,713 with BBRI, BDMN, LSIP, ANTM, DOID, and KRAS as the preferred one. JCI is possibly to end last trading day this yeat with a positive record to 3,700 psychological level.
The hiking price on gold and crude oil yesterday helped to boost most of Asian indexes, including JCI. Capital inflow into the stock market is still quite good. Foreign investors was successfully booked IDR132 billion net sell, yesterday.

Erdikha Sekuritas:
Index is projected to slightly fluctuate and move between 3,650 – 3,730 with BBNI, JSMR, and MAPI as the recommended shares. Strengthening index on yesterday trading was particularly influenced by positive movement in global markets and a better crude oil prices.

Sinar Mas Sekuritas:
Jakarta Composite Index was closed lifted 39,2 points to 3699,21 yesterday. Thus, for today it is potentially to keep on gaining and move between 3659-3730. JCI might collect with positive sentiment from window dressing from U.S, Europe and Asian markets. Shares that might be observed are JSMR, SMCB, ICBP, and KRAS. 

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above. 

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