Jan 25, 2011

Agung Podomoro pays Rp119 bio debt

Property land PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APLN) has paid its debt of Rp119 billion to PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI) after it settled debts to JPMorgan Chase Bank and Bank Permata.
Agung Podomoro's Corporate Secretary Prisca Andriessen, as quoted Kontan daily, said the loan from BNI was a syndicated bank loans. Besides BNI, two other banks CIMB Niaga and Bank Internasional Indonesia becomes member of the syndication. 
The total loan channeled to Agung Podomoro was Rp1 trillion. The property developer has also obtained Rp350 billion loan from BNI.  In December 2010, APLN settled its debt of Rp88 billion to Bank Permata, US$20 million to JPMorgan Chase Bank.

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