Jan 6, 2011

SMSM to pay Rp6 billion bond interest

Auto spare parts maker PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk (SMSM) has committed to pay the second bond interest of Rp6 billion on January 10 2011. 
Selamat Sempurna Director Ang Andri Pribadi, in a public statement filed to Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) today, said the company will pay interest for three series of bond. 
A series of bond Interest will be amounted Rp1.78 billion, B series is Rp2.06 billion, and C series is Rp2.16 billion. The company issued Rp80 billion A series of bond, with annual interest of 8.9%, will due on July 13 2011.
B Series with Rp80 billion principle, charging a 10.3% annual interest, will mature on July 8 2013, while C series worth Rp80 billion, which will due on July 8 2015, charges a coupon rate of 10.8%. Selamat Sempurna today was closed to Rp1.060 per share, a 0.95% higher than yesterday closing level.

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