Jan 11, 2011

Stock recommendations today

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) might technically continue to lower, responding on speculation of the interest rate hike in several developing countries in Asia Pacific. 
However, rebound is still open. Several stocks such as LSIP, UNVR, ASII, PTBA, and BBCA should be watched. Here are recommendations from several stock brokerages as reported by Bisnis.com today.

Trimegah Securities:
By surpassing the support level from trading range and the closing level below EMA in 100 days, the JCI might continue to furter correction. The JCI is estimated to move at the range of 3,408-3,495. Top pick stocks ate LSIP and UNVR.

e-Trading Securities:
Considering Indonesian macro economy fundamental, we are still optimist that investor could do purchase accumulation today. The JCI is predicted to move at the range of 3,410-3,536 with several stocks to be watched such as ASII, PTBA, and BBCA.

Panin Sekuritas:
Today we estimate that the JCI is in a limited pressure. Commodity and consumer-based stocks are still the top picks when pressure on interest sensitive stocks occurs. The support and resistance levels are 3,433-3,511.

Erdika Sekuritas:
The JCI today technically tends to lower to the range of 3,408-3,590 after plunging 4.1% with all sectors suffered correction. Financial sector remained the worst with a 5.94% drop.
Sinar Mas Sekuritas:
The JCI today is estimated to be mixed. But, it has a possibility to climb. Blue chips are now oversold. The JCI is estimated to move at the range of 3,408-3,525. Top picks are JSMR, ASII, BJBR, and MYOR.

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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