Jan 13, 2011

Stock recommendations today

The JCI rebound yesterday was in line with the hike in most of Asia stock markets, encouraging the stock trading at Indonesia stock market today. The oil hike to US$91 per barrel might be a catalyst for the JCI.  
While the hike remains open, sell-off by foreign investors should be watched. They posted a net sell of Rp495 billion yesterday. Stocks to be viewed: BBTN, BBNI, JSMR, UNTR, ADRO, and INDY. Here are a completed stock recommendations provided by local houses as  reported by Bisnis.com:
e-Trading Securities:
The JCI tends to continue its rally today, representing a full candle with the transaction volume increase. We estimate that the JCI might move at the range of 3,537-3,659. Recommended stocks: UNTR, ADRO, and INDY.

Erdikha Sekuritas:
The JCI might continue to rise at the range of 3,488-3,588 after climbing 2.88%, propelled by the mining sector with 4.03% hike. Top picks today are BBTN, BBNI, and JSMR.

Sinar Mas Sekuritas:
The JCI today is estimated to be in uptrend, underpinned by positive sentiments from regional markets and metal prices appreciation. There is no good sign from flooding in Queensland, Australia, allowing us in a bullish position for coal-based stocks such as ADRO and ITMG.
The JCI might move at the range of 3,521-3,588. Besides coal stocks, several stocks could be watched because their cheap valuation such as MYOR, UNTR, INDF, and TINS.

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.  

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