Feb 18, 2011

Fritz Seegers named as CT Corp CEO

Fritz Seegers, former chief of global retail and commercial banking at Barclays, moves to CT Corp (formerly named as Para Group). 
Bisnis source familiar with the matter said that Seegers became one of the CEOs within the group established by businessman Chairul Tanjung. “Seegers joined as one of the CEOs in CT Corp at the end of last year,” the source said yesterday as reported by Bisnis Indonesia today.
Seegers is the spouse of Kartika Soekarno, daughter of Indonesia’s first President Soekarno and Dewi Soekarno. Frits Seegers’ monthly salary at Barclays was £161.150. He joined Barclays in 2006 after moving from Citigroup. CT Corp operates three business lines namely financial services under Mega Corpora. Besides controlling Bank Mega, the company also owned Bank Mega Syariah and engaged in financing business through PT Para Multifinance, PT Mega Central Finance and PT Mega Oto Finance. Meanwhile, the company ran insurance business through PT Mega Insurance.
Next, media, lifestyle and entertainment sectors that controlled by Trans Corpora and also natural resources sector under CT Global Resources. 

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