Feb 28, 2011

Stock recommendations today

Securities companies predicts the mixed sentiment to influence the share trading at Indonesia Stock Exchange today. Several brokerages provided their recommendations as quoted by Bisnis Indonesia today:

Panin Sekuritas: 
The Fitch Ratings' upgrade on Indonesia's outlook and the stagnant BI rate have been the positive catalysts for the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI). Panin predicted the index to move between 3,420-3,460 today.

Sinarmas Sekuritas:
On mixed sentiment, the brokerage estimated the index to run between 3,421-3,462 with recommended shares like BUMI, SDRO, ICBP, and BJBR.
e-Trading Securities: 
It saw the index technically tend to move sideways as indicated from relatively thin market although it books active transaction volume. The securities company estimates the JCI to move between 3,416-3,500 with recommended shares like PGAS, BUMI and MNCN. 

Erdikha Sekuritas: 
The brokerage recommended buy on shares like BMRI, BBRI and GGRM as the index may move between 3,420-3,480. 

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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