Mar 10, 2011

Mustafa: No influence on Semen Gresik

The Ministry of State Owned Enterprises admitted that the appointment of two directors of PT Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk did not based on the highest scores accomplishment during the fit and proper test.
Mustafa affirmed that such change was not influenced by Vice President Boediono's intervention. The government has the full authority to appoint the directors of a state run company, including in the case of Semen Gresik.
“By certain consideration, government decided to appoint two persons to serve as the directors of Semen Greasik. Such appointment was not based on the scoring consideration. This is common as this particular appointment is government’s full authority.
As reported by Bisnis today, two directors of Semen Gresik will be filled by new names chosen after a fit and proper test. Those two chosen candidate did not have the highest scores.
The government appointed Ahyanizzaman as the finance director to replace Cholil Hasan. Ahyanizzaman ranked second when the fit and proper test took place. The first rank was Satriyo while Rinaldi Buchari stood at the third rank.
Erizal Bakar was assigned as the business development and strategy director that also stood at the second rank during the fit and proper test. The highest score was recorded by Theo Lekatompessy and the third position was Subiyanto.
“Whomever is chosen, either the second rank or third rank, it is government’s full authority. One thing for sure there has not any intervention from anyone,” he said.
Ahead of tomorrow’s extraordinary meeting of shareholders, the directors are Dwi Sutjipto as the president director, Ahyanizzaman as finance director and the research development and operating is Suharto.
In the meantime, Erizal Bakar will serve as the business development and business strategy director while Bambang Sugeng shall act as human resource director. Suparni and Irwan Suarly will still serve as the production director and marketing director.

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