Apr 15, 2011

Intraco Penta to pay Rp56 dividend

PT Intraco Penta Tbk (INTA) was approved by annual of shareholders general meeting held today to distribute Rp56 per share dividend or 30% of its net income last year of Rp83.08 billion,
In total, the company will distribute Rp24.2 billion dividend. Intraco President Director Petrus Halim said the dividend will be distributed on May 27.
In parallel, the company's shareholders also approved a stock split with 1:5 ratio. Heavy equipment distributor Intraco reported a 121.72% jump in net income last year, mostly underpinned by net income from associated companies. 
In a financial statement published today, Intraco posted Rp83.08 billion last year from Rp37.47 billion in the previous year. Net income from associated companies recorded Rp84.53 billion, double from Rp41.57 billion. 
Operating profit surged 71.57% to Rp151.79 billion from Rp88.47 billion, sending a slight increase of operating margin to 8.28% from 7.49%. Operating revenue soared 55.08% to Rp1.83 trillion from Rp1.18 trillion. 

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