Apr 11, 2011

Mayapada Hospital up 66% on IPO debut

Stock price of newly listed company PT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk (SRAJ) rose on its first trading day this morning.
Sejahteraraya soared 66% or Rp80 to Rp200 from the initial offering price of Rp120 per share, thus making it a potential target for supension.
The lowest price was at Rp140 per share, while the highest was at Rp200 per share. Total transaction was booked at 951 times, with a total value of Rp93 billion.
The number of stocks listed by the company is 5.535 billion shares. Those stocks consist of founder stocks of 4.785 billion shares and public shares of 750 million shares.
The underwriter of 423rd publicly listed company in Indonesia Stock Exchange is PT Evergreen Capital. Sejahtera’s shares was disposed at Rp120 per share, leaving to potentially book Rp90 billion proceeds.
Previously, the major shareholders at Mayapada Hospital's operator were PT Surya Cipta Inti Cemerlang with (98.90%), Raymond (1.05%), dan Widoyo Simbung (0.05%). This initial public offering (IPO) is likely to change shareholder's composition into PT Surya Cipta Inti Cemerlang with 85.50%, Raymond with 0.90% and Windoyo Simbung with 0.05% and the rest 13.55% belongs to public.
During last year, the company booked a net income of Rp5.59 billion or it was up 24% from Rp4.49 billion in 2009.

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