May 19, 2011

Unilever to pay Rp344 final dividend

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR), one of Indonesia's largest consumer goods maker, has been approved by its shareholders to distribute Rp344 per share final dividend in mid of July. Last year, Unilever paid a Rp100 per share of interim dividend.
In total, the company will distribute 100% of its net profit for dividend. The company posted Rp3.38 trillion net profit last year, higher than Rp3.04 trillion in previous year. It recorded net earning per share (EPS) of Rp444, compared to Rp399 in 2009.
Revenue slightly rose 7.9% to Rp19.69 trillion from Rp18.25 trillion a year earlier and cost of good sold also rose to Rp9.48 trillion. Gross profit recorded Rp10.2 trillion and operating expenses reached Rp5.66 trillion. Unilever posted operating profit of Rp4.54 trillion, higher than Rp4.21 trillion in previous year. 

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