Jul 9, 2011

BlackRock Inc holds 6.36% in Bumi Plc

BlackRock World Mining Fund yesterday reported that it currently holds 5.19% stake or 8.09 million shares in Bumi Plc, London-listed company that is controlled by Bakrie Group and financier Nathaniel Rothschild.
In the same occasion, BlackRock Inc also reported that the company is holding 9.91 million shares with voting rights or 6.36% stake in Bumi Plc.
Bumi Plc has agreed to issue 11.74 million voting ordinary shares to purchase 676.65 million shares in PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) or 3.3%. 
In an official statement filed to London Stock Exchange on June 30, the additional shares swap is part of a step-up transactions. Following the shares swap, Bumi Plc's shareholding in BUMI will increase to 32.1% from 28.9%. 

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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