Aug 22, 2011

Stock recommendations today

Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.57% to 10,817.65 on Friday last week, while S&P 500 Index also declined 1.50% to 1,123.53.
FTSE100 Index dropped 1.01% to 5,040.76, CAC 40 dipped 1.92% to 3,016.99, and DAX plunged 2.19% to 5,480. How about Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) today? Here are stock recommendations provided by Bisnis Indonesia today:

e-Trading Securities:
The JCI may face further corrections today that strives to test a strong support level of 3,735. The index may move within the range of 3,735-3,866. Stocks to watch: CTRS, SMGR, and BBCA.

Reliance Securities:
In the short to medium run, the JCI may move in a bearish trend with a stop loss level of 3,813 and a possible decline to 3,763. Investors are suggested to wait and see. Stocks to monitor: ASII, BBNI, BBRI, and GGRM. 

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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