Sep 19, 2011

Stock recommendations today

On Friday last week, Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) inched up 1.61% or 61 points to 3.835,18 with total transaction of Rp4.1 trillion after the index dropped 4.08% in early days. How about market today? Bisnis Indonesia quotes two recommendations today.

Reliance Securities:
The JCI may continue its gain with resistance level at 3,839 and support level at 3,764. The JCI may move to the level of 3,869 in the short term. Several stocks may attract investors: AKRA. BORN, ITMG, and SMGR.

e-Trading Securities:
The index today may increase and move within the range of 3,761-3,880. Several stocks to watch: BMRI, INDY, and JPFA.

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above. 

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