Oct 11, 2011

Stock recommendations today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, as quoted by Wall Street Journal,  jumped 330.06 points, or almost 3%, to 11433.18, its biggest one-day surge in two months. The gains add to a powerful rally that began in the final hour of trading Tuesday last week and has pushed the Dow up more than 1000 points in less than 5 days.
Monday's gains came after German and French leaders said they were determined to present a "comprehensive package" by the end of October that would include a plan to recapitalize euro-zone banks as needed and address the Continent's debt crisis. 
Europe's stock markets soared. Germany's DAX index gained 3%, while France's CAC-40 popped 2.1%. How about Indonesia market today?

Minna Padi Investama:
Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) today may swing within the range of 3,409-3,527. Several stocks to watch: KIJA, LSIP, and BMRI. The JCI yesterday inched up 0.74% to 3,451.08.

e-Trading Securities:
The JCI may move in mixed position with uptrend possibility in the range of 3,430-3,513. Several stocks to watch: LSIP, BMRI, and KIJA.

Sinarmas Sekuritas:
The index technically move in mixed position with higher chance within the range of 3,430-3,525. Several stocks to watch: BMRI, BBRI, UNTR, and KLBF. 

Disclosure: No position at the stock mentioned above.

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