Jan 20, 2012

Samin Tan completes Bumi Plc takeover

Indonesian coking coal miner PT Borneo Lumbung Energi & Metal Tbk (BORN), that is controlled by stellar businessman Samin Tan, today schedules a signing ceremony of the takeover completion on 23.8% stake in London-based Bumi Plc worth US$1 billion.
"Closing ceremony is scheduled today [January 20] at 10.00 am," Samin Tan told Insider Stories last night.
 As reported by Bisnis Indonesia today, Director Kenneth Raymond Allan at Borneo also confirmed about the signing ceremony today. "There is no press conference, only press release," he said.
Borneo has received US$1 billion loan facilities arranged by Standard Chartered Bank. The money has been transferred to a certain escrow account.
Following the takeover completion, Borneo will indirectly control 23.8% stake in Bumi Plc through two jointly new entities dubbed Borneo Bumi Energi & Metal Pte Ltd (Borneo Bumi) and Bumi Borneo Resources Pte Ltd (Bumi Borneo).  
In Borneo Bumi, Borneo Energi controls 51% stake and 49% stake in Bumi Borneo. Borneo Bumi is holding 54.15% voting shares in Bumi Plc, representing 29.9% of the total voting rights in Bumi Plc.
Bumi Borneo is holding 60.44% non-voting shares in Bumi Plc, representing 25.1% of the total capital paid in of Bumi Plc.

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