Dec 31, 2011

Send your recommendations

Hi...We understand that sometimes our posting activities are slowing down. It is not because we forget our commitment to our readers. One of our team members, who has been involved since the beginning of this blog, has decided to continue the study for master in finance.
However, We try to turn back our posting frequency and strive to improve the number of daily articles. One of our concern is about stock recommendations. So far, we just pick them from Bisnis Indonesia daily newspaper and put it as it is. 
In a bid to broaden our coverage, starting today, we are open for other stock brokerages or fund managers who are willing to send their daily recommendations to us. 
We will publish it tomorrow morning in this blog. Off course, as an exchange for your effort, we will mention your company above your recommendations. We don't charge any fee for those recommendations.
If you are interested, do not hesitate to send your recommendations to us at or  
We have one rule, first in first out. So, the earlier you send it to us, the easier your recommendation to be on the top of the article.

Thank you.
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