Feb 15, 2015

Between two different worlds

It has been three months 15 days since I have decided to exit from 13 years three months of my journalism carrier. I was officially fled from Bloomberg Businessweek Indonesia magazine on 1st November 2014, crossing to the extraneous world of corporate communications.

It was thousand questions in my mind before leaving the journalism, the world of egalitarian which allows me to speak straight to the point without protective cover.
"Could I be a corporate communication officer? Could I make a plain chit chat? Could I spend days just sitting in my office, Could I leave the egalitarian style?." Such questions inundated my minds in several days before leaving the journalism world.
I talked to several persons and asked their opinion what if I move to the world of public relations of one of the largest market cap companies in Indonesia?
One of director at securities house said "just take the rate opportunity working for a big company and enjoy your pension."
An investment banker at foreign securities house said "congratulations. The rare opportunity was not easily coming."
A good buddy said "what are you trying to prove for? have you satisfied on investigating stories and writing articles? You have the choice"
My former boss said "it is easy for me to jump into a big company with settled system. You can join them at anytime."
Several journalists said "are you ready to work in the office all day long?"
Despite the variety opinions, I have not found the egalitarian world and micro thinking, which are very crucial for me.
I believe working as a journalist for years has shaped the egalitarian character. I used to speak directly to many directors of several companies, have discussion, give comments and ask their time to meet without arranging with their personal secretaries. For several persons which have good relations with me, I can call them boss. What a lovely world!
Now, I have to throw away all those egalitarian styles. At the beginning, I was thinking "did I enter the wrong world?" Why it was uneasy to meet the director at my company? so many cluttering things which it should be easily solved, and many wasting time chit chat just to cheer up someone"
The next challenging thing is micro thinking. I had been taught thinking like readers or investors. It means I had to listen and understand what their problems.
Working as public relations has made me turning the way of thinking and I think so many subjective judgements without data. "Do you think this way won't make them uncomfortable?" I heard so many judgements like that. 
I understand that the PR officer concerns on reputation. But, sometimes you need to make decision faster. Because of considering so many subjective judgements, a simple decision takes longer time.
However, I still can cheer up myself. Networks remain the important things for public relations. I also can use the strategy of building new network from journalism world. I do not know how many months or years I can make myself comfortable to be a PR officer.      


robin said...

maybe sometimes facing challenges contradiction with conscience

insiderstories said...

Thank you Pak Robin for your comment. I agree with you :)

Ayub said...

A way out?