Jun 6, 2015

Making short article more useful for readers

This morning, I just read a short article (two column) in page 18 of daily newspaper Kompas today. Using a reference from a survey report held of Worldpanel Indonesia. The survey on 440 brands of fast moving consumer goods with 5,680 households in Indonesia, representing about 86% of the cities' households.

I think this content should be valuable for me, Kompas's readers, the government officials, and leaders of companies in Indonesia. For me, this is a valid indicator of the grass root economy. When households have shrunk their consumption spending, something is happening with their source of revenue. I do not need an indication of the economic growth to understand the situation of our economy.

As an employee of others private companies, I should find out the condition of my company I have worked for. I think it is normal reaction because I need to ensure the sustainability of my revenue for my family. From the Kompas' short article, I can understand that as of April, consumption frequency has still dropped 8%. I do not wait the BPS's announcement that our economy has not revived. 

However, the Kompas article could be more powerful for readers like me if the journalist could write more details, not just a number of percentage and dig more comments from Worldpanel Indonesia. I may be easy to obtain the completed survey of Worldpanel Indonesia, but for busy people, they still rely on news article from several major newspaper like Kompas.

In the first paragraph, the article said households in cities shrank their consumption frequency by 8% as of April 2015 compared to the same period of last year, from what level? No explanation. Then, the article showed the consumption frequency in 2014 compared to 2013. Still, I am losing my way to understand the story.

The article quoted a person from Worldpanel Indonesia that 8% decrease is the smallest compared to the previous years. But, no supporting data. I hope I can find out how is the consumption frequency every year in major cities. If the journalist is more critical about how valuable of her or his article, I think more supporting data should be added. In my opinion, this short article can be put in page 17, replacing the gloomt performance of our stock composite index. Everyone knows that the composite index have tumbled.